Q: Any minimum quantity?
A: Refer to price list table.

Q: If distribution does not meet the required minimum quantity?
A: A special rate will be quoted subject to the quantity.

Q: Can I select only a few blocks in an area?
A: No. 

Q: How fast is the distribution?
A: Average 30,000 pieces per day but a job order may not distribute in consecutive days.

Q: Lead time for distribution?
A: 10,000 pieces requires 7-12 days. Urgent distribution will subject to additional cost.

Q: How reliable are your distributors?
A: All our distributors are full-timers.

Q: If the designated area did not receive my flyer?
A: Nothing is 100% guaranteed but at least 90% is reachable and the possibilities might be: 
– Taken by cleaner / competitor of the same trade 
– Skip due to fierce dog barking from the unit 
– Corner unit at non-lift landing level 
– Family members took it 
– Owner reject flyer

Q: How to ensure your distributors will do a proper job?
A: We encourage client to do a check within an hour upon receive of the initial SMS report to avoid any discrepancies. Detailed Message report will be sent at the end of the day.

Q: How frequent is your update?
A: SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) 
– Initial SMS report upon commencement of distribution. 
– End of day will forward detailed report include date, day, distribute area, blocks/streets with total units, total quantity, time and name of distributor.

Q: Distribution hours?
A: Daily from 5am to 11pm. Weekend and Public Holiday is subject to manpower availability.

Q: What time will you commence for night car drop?
A: It will be more efficient to commence after 11pm as most vehicles will be parked by then.

Q: Why is there a price different from other distributors?
A: Different companies charge differently.

Q: Why do I have to choose your distribution service?
A: – Our team is full-timer (Singaporean/SPR) 
– Fast Distribution 
– Reasonable price 
– Consistence reporting 
– Mobility for ad-hoc projects

Q: Term and Mode of Payment?
A: Full payment upon confirmation via Cash, Cheque, Ibanking/ATM Fund Transfer, Cash deposit or Quick Cheque Deposit (QCD) into our company’s bank account.

Q: Any GST charge?
A: No